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description Terms of Use
  1. General provisions
    1. GLOBUS INTERCOM ltd (hereinafter –“ Company”) is the site owner and related technologies.
    2. These Terms of Use (hereinafter - “Rules” ) is the basic document, but not a comprehensive one, regulating conduct of the Users (hereinafter - “Users”) and disputes.
    3. Users accept unconditionally all requirements of these Rules.
    4. The Users of the Company’s information systems make up a Community.
    5. Those Users connected to the Community on recommendation of the specific User and other Users in this chain from level 1 to level 7 make up the User’s Team.
    6. The Company is based on mutual respect of all participants of Globus community and does not encourage any misconduct.
    7. The Company encourages any dispute settlement in a peaceful way with respect to interests of all parties involved.
    8. Users acknowledge the authority of the Company to modify provisions of the Rules and Privacy Policy notifying Users about such changes using its site.
    9. All changes made by the Company are based on morality, decency and general etiquette.
    10. User accept that she/he may be expelled from the Community in case of violation of the Rules
    11. Company encourages those Users, who follow the rules.
    12. User confirms that he/she acknowledged the Privacy Policy of the Company.
    13. User voluntarily put his personnel information into the Company’s database authorizing to use it in any way to develop the information content Users network and other services of the Company.
    14. User accepts that third persons can get an access to his personnel information (First Name, Last Name, Login, Email, Phone Number, Skype, etc) through the Company’s information systems.
    15. User takes obligations do not disclose personnel information of other users obtained while he was working with information system of the Company without their direct consent.
    16. User accepts that his/her personal information, that may become available to the Company in a result of User engagement with information systems of the Company, is gathered to ensure quality of services provided to the Users and operation by the Company in general, and will be processed according to the Law of Ukraine "About personnel information protection".
    17. User confirms that he/she is not less than 18 years old, and takes obligation to provide real personal information after the registration( including sex, date of birth, etc) and keep it updated.
    18. User acknowledges that Company is not capable to give comprehensive estimate to each advertisement proposed. It means that User agrees to analyze and evaluate ads content and trust ads proposals on his/her own.
    19. Company is not responsible for any losses, if User indicated wrong or incorrect account for withdrawal.
    20. Company condemns use of swear words, calling for intolerance of ethnical, religious, political and other nature, as well as calling or encouraging of any kind of strife fomentation. Users involved in such activities may be expelled from the Community without alerting and compensation of any losses.
    21. User acknowledges that he/she earns money in this Company in the "background" mode, that is this job does not require purposeful working on one’s PC or Smartphone, any extra time, any funds or special activities to get money. Making money in the Company is based on the principles of earning income without serious breaking daily rhythm of life.
    22. The User, who is inactive more than 100 days long, may be expelled from the Community without any compensation of losses.
    23. User takes full responsibility for the password to his/her Account in the Company, and for his/her email used for the password recovery.
  2. Rights of Company
    1. The following rights are given to the Company in order to fight cheating, improve quality of the users involved, business reputation and value of the Company as advertising space:
      • check out personnel and contact information provided by User;
      • suspend all user account operations unless he provides original or copy of documents identifying him/her and/or her/his age;
    2. Switch over User’s team to the superior User in case of complaints that the User, who has invited the team, does not provide any training and support to his/her partners.
    3. To change, on its own, number of content sent to each User during a day.
    4. Limit, suspend of ban participation of User in the Company in case of violation of the Rules.
  3. Rights of User
    1. Watch or skip content without involvement of somebody else in his/her team.
    2. Invite other people to join his/her team by distribution of his/her link for invitation.
    3. Delete personnel information from the database of the Company using specially designed Menu of this site.
    4. Address to the Support to replace sponsor if he/she evades assistance in the User’s team development.
  4. Responsibilities of User
    1. To treat Administration and Community participants with respect. Do not allow any rudeness, offense and offensive words.
    2. Learn and know answers to the Frequently asked qustions, laid out on the site.
    3. Train your partners from level 1 to level 7 and provide assistance to them in the teambuilding.
    4. Make sure that account to which funds are withdrawn is correct.
    5. Stop participation in the Company and delete account and the software of the Company on his/her own if User is unsatisfied with pricing policy of the Company, level of compensations or User learns about contradictions of further involvement in the Company with National Laws of the User’s country, ethical, moral religious, standards, etc.
  5. User is forbidden
    1. To provide false information about his/her income, team or any other success in the Company.
    2. To view content on the behalf of other Users.
    3. To have several accounts in the Company.
    4. Send SPAM, which contains any information about Company or any Company’s contact information.
    5. To be involved in any activities:
      • on the behalf of Company without prior agreement of Company’s Administration. Meanwhile, the Company encourages any actions taken by the User to promote this Company.
      • which cause either direct or indirect harm to the business reputation of the Company regardless whether User acknowledges it or not.
    6. To hold any kind of agitation directed on cheating in the Company or enticement of Users to other projects.
    7. To do any public conclusions about future development of the Company, which have not released on the official website of the Company.
    8. To use any technologies to conceal his/her IP getting access to information systems of the Company.
    9. To entice signed up users of the Company to another Teams.
    10. To discredit or undermine prestige and business reputation of the Company.
    11. Motivate other users to perform certain actions (close, go to website, etc.) after receiving the advertisement.
    12. Infringe copyrights by using someone else`s intellectual property (articles, reviews, commentaries, etc.) to promote the referral link without permission.



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